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Exo Dix 430- Dix 470 - DH550 Hull Bulkhead Kit

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Bulkhead kit for construction of two Dix 430 / Dix 470 / DH550 Hulls. Standard two berth hull layout. Single hull components shown.

Jobert Okoume Marine Ply components, CNC profiled. BS1088.

Kit includes:
16 Bulkheads
8 Bulkhead Doors skins
2 Bulkhead Hatches
4 Temporary Bulkheads
2 Backbones
2 Backbone Flanges
2 Dagger box ply component sets
4 engine bearer ply component sets. (Vetus or Yanmar power).
8 Aft steps routed for 6mm inlay (not included)
2 transom sections
2 internal step sets
6 Step risers

Bulkhead Kit DIX430. Jobert Okoume Ply BS1088 £9,871

Bulkhead Kit DIX470. Jobert Okoume Ply BS1088 £11,629

Bulkhead Kit DH550. Jobert Okoume Ply BS1088 £12,934

All prices exclude VAT

4 Casing Sides (Not 430)
2 Fwd Cabin Wardrobe Partitions
12 Dagger Board case braces (Not 430)
2 Rudder Tube Flange sets
2 Rudder Tube upper brace sets
4 Forward Compartment Steps
2 Build Cradle sets
4 Support Cradles
Radius Chine Tangent profiles
Western Red Cedar Stringers. 560m Dix430 600m DIX470. 760m DH550.
Western Red Cedar Shear Clamp. 50m Dix430. 64m DIX470.  70m DH550.
32 Mahogany Cleats
2 GRP rudder tubes

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A typical bulkhead is supplied ready for fabrication with jigsaw joints, Port light openings and fixing holes, hatches and hatch rebates, stringer slots and penetrations.

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A typical hull step is supplied ready for fabrication with 6mm rebate for teak or cork inlay and step riser rebate.

Step inlay are not included with kits but can be purchased as an optional extra.

Optional Exocetus Dix 470 - DH550 Hull Bulkhead Kit Owners Cabin

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Alternative Owners Cabin layout for one or both hulls.

Jobert Okoume Marine Ply components, CNC profiled. BS1088.

Kit includes additional components:
1 Fwd Cabin Head partition
1 Centre cabin wardrobe set

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Plan showing owners cabin layout on Port side. Single cabin occupies all of one hull providing larger Head and shower compartment and additional storage. Owner’s cabin kit can be provided at no additional cost to standard kit.

Photos demonstrating typical construction process using kit contents.

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The build cradle provides support and accurate location of the Hull bulkheads for inverted hull construction phase.

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Bulkheads are supplied with a jigsaw joint.

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Western red stringers are supplied planed profiled and scarfed in 5m lengths. Bulkhead D and H require skinning by customer with layers of Biaxial Glass Fibre cloth. Resin and Biaxial cloth is not provided with this kit. Outer skin is part of the Hull Skin kit.

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